Industry Connections

Adobe's Newest Downloads

This link will take to Adobe's web site for the latest of their downloadable files. Check here often to keep up with the most current updates, filters, and plug-ins.

Apple's Software Updates

Go to this page to get the latest updates for different Macintosh software.

Apple's Knowledge Base

Go here to search for information about Macintosh hardware and software.

Interesting Publications & Sites

Before & After Magazine

This is the web site of PageLab, the creator of a great little magazine that shows you how to design "cool stuff."

Web Pages That Suck

Learn to design good web pages by examining those that are really bad.

Reference Files

Print Publishing Guide

This is a PDF file of Adobe's Print Publishing Guide. It's a fairly large file – 6 MB.

World of Color

This is a PDF file of the World of Color presentation that describes color space.

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